Palestinian. Families. Interrupted.

This has been one of my favourite projects so far.

Almost two years ago a colleague of mine at Adalah legal centre in Haifa suggested to do a photo project about the Israeli Citizenship Law, which prevents family unification for Palestinian families. I liked the idea and we began working. However, several months into it we hadn’t managed to find a single family who agreed to be photographed! So the idea arose of creating an “anonymous” photo exhibition.

In addition to the challenge of convincing families to participate, this was also a challenging concept for me artistically. For each family we entered an unknown setting and had to come up with creative ways to reflect their everyday reality as well as their unique circumstances as individuals and families. The results can be seen here.

The exhibition, curated by Rula Khoury, first opened in Al Midan Theatre in Haifa in June 2013, after which it was moved to Jerusalem in September the same year. Its international debut came in New York in February 2014. The exhibition was accompanied by a short film on the same subject, created by Ayed Fadel and Mike J. Kardoush.

To read more about the project, visit the Families Interrupted website.

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