The Show Must Go On...


A few words about this endeavour I’ve called ‘Imagine’...


It started off as a practical solution to a problem, nothing more. However, in reality I think it was always there in the background as a distant dream. To one day be self-employed. In charge of myself. To do the thing (or in my case the many, many things!) that I love doing. And to do it for what I believe in.


My personal journey along this road began in 2006, when I met my husband-to-be and joined him as he was establishing The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp. The first part of this journey ended in tragedy, but I am nevertheless convinced that it must go on.


Having spent three years deliberating at a crossroads, it’s time to continue moving. This is act 2 of an open-ended show. I believe the arts in all its forms, our creativity and free expression, play a crucially important role in the life and health of individuals and of society. 


Perhaps some of the beauty we draw up in our imagination will eventually rub off on reality…



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